Portrait Photography Instruction

*Private one-on-one lessons beginning early September. Call or email to schedule*

Portrait photography is one of the most enjoyable, interesting, and gratifying career choices. It is also surprisingly one of the most complex, intricate, and difficult.

Operating a successful photography business goes far beyond knowing how to handle a camera. Creating great portraits involves artistic vision, subject analysis and direction, technical expertise, and post-processing. Further, learning to create great portraits is only part of the job – running a successful photography business requires market research and analysis, niche identification, business model development, marketing and advertising, sales experience, and customer service skills.

With almost 40 years of photography experience and over 30 years as a business owner and manager, David has mastered the art of running a successful portrait studio. With knowledge and expertise in several areas including studio lighting, high-end retouching, artistic enhancements, printing, and business management he has an arsenal of lessons, tips, and advice to help you learn how to run your own profitable portrait business.

Studio Instruction *Includes Studio Session* – $450
Learn how to recreate and design looks similar to famous fashion and glamour photographers of the past and present! Many if not most new photographers start as location-only shooters. While this approach may work initially, the ease and simplicity allows for an increase in competition and market saturation. Studio shooting, though more challenging, provides the ability to set yourself apart from your competition by creating dramatic and artistic looks only achievable with indoor lighting and equipment.

Studio and Environmental Instruction *Includes Studio Session* – $600
In addition to studio shooting, lets take it outside!! Learn about supplemental lighting techniques, working with the elements, manipulation of the depth-of-field for artistic purposes, and other artistic and technical matters.

Post-processing, Retouching, and Artistic Enhancements *Only available as an add-on* – $150
So now you know how to capture good images… great! But do you know how to take that picture and turn it into a high end artistic and marketable product?

Digital Files, Printing, and Color Management *Only available as an add-on* – $75
With an abundance of photographic labs available many photographers opt to send their files out for printing versus producing in-house prints. While there are some benefits to using a lab, printing in house allows you full artistic control and gives you a competitive edge over your competition.

Business Management *Only available as an add-on* – $125
Running a successful photography business is about more than being able to capture good images. While many good photographers go out of business because they lack the skills and know-how to make money doing what they love, many so-so photographers are successful and profitable because they do their market and business research.  Let me help you understand the ins and outs of establishing and maintaining a successful career as a professional photographer.